Monday, June 12, 2006

El nosotros que fuimos

Look upward where the white gull screams,
What does it see that we do no see?
Is that a star? or lamp that gleams
On some outward voyaging argosy
Ah!can it be
we have lived our
lives in a land of dreams!
How sad it seems.

Sweet, there is nothing left to say
But this, that love is never lost,
Keen winter stabs the breast of May
Whose crimson roses burst his front,
Ships tempest-tossed
Will find a harbour some bay,
And so we may

And there is nothing left to do
But kiss once again, and part,
Nay there is nothing we could rue,
I have my beauty- you your Art,
Nay, do no start,
One world was not enough for two
Like me and you

(Oscar Wilde)

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